Board Members:

  • Sandy Bitter
  • Kristin Dannheiser
  • Fred Doepker
  • Jody Donosky
  • Sally Ingram
  • Ben Joergens
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Angie Martin
  • Sharon Omer
  • Connie Romain
  • Chad Schmidt
  • Alan Shovers
  • Tiffany Stepto
  • Donna Teague

Enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis and their families throughout Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southern Illinois.

For thousands of people in the tri-state area affected by Multiple Sclerosis…there is hope! That hope comes from a commitment to improve the lives of MS patients and their families. For the first time, those in our community touched by this devastating disease have local services and specialized health care here in the tri-state.

The Tri-State Multiple Sclerosis Association…
offers support, care, and hope…right here at home!

There are people in our rural areas who are not aware of the current treatments and the importance of intervention soon after the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis is made. We know we can reach those patients by having a more visible presence within the Tri-State.

During this time of discovery of new medications and treatments for MS patients, we want to afford everyone the opportunity to enhance their quality of life. Current treatment regimens are profoundly changing the lives of people today, but there are many who are uninsurable and do not qualify for financial assistance to cover the cost of these treatments. The Tri-State Multiple Sclerosis Association will make every effort to facilitate their needs, whether it is an assisting device, medication, or other special considerations.

There are seven active support groups, a monthly newsletter, an annual family weekend, an adult weekend away in Evansville, two annual autumn walks, numerous educational programs, and many more fundraising events, all of which help over 1,400 families in the tri-state area.

The association thrives because of the support we receive from those 1,400 families and from generous corporate and local business sponsors. We are grateful to the foundations which offer support through grants and other funding programs.